Tips on How To Make Your Rental ADU in Los Angeles Stand Out

Building an ADU to rent for some extra income is a great idea in Los Angeles. Thanks to the high number of tourists all year round, short-term rentals may provide a steady income stream. How much can you rent an ADU for in Los Angeles? The ballpark figure is between $1,300 to $3,200 for a studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom ADUs.

Design build Los Angeles has built tens of ADUs in the city for rental purposes. And we have a foolproof list that should help you to make your rental unit stand out from the pack.

1.    Add some color and brightness to the ADU

A new coat of paint will brighten any room without a doubt. Consider colors that are modern, yet timeless. Many of our Los Angeles home remodel projects always include a new coat of paint to brighten the living space.

Changing up the flooring can also help to brighten up the space in your ADU. Talk to professional flooring experts to help you to settle on the best flooring options in the market.

2.    Renovate the bathroom and kitchen

Bathrooms and kitchens are some of the most frequently used rooms in a rental ADU. These rooms show signs of wear and tear quicker thus a remodel of these rooms will give your ADU a much-needed facelift. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling Los Angeles firms like Kofler Design Build will offer you all the services you need for a professional revamp of your rental property. Consider timeless ideas and durable fittings that will stand the test of time and use.

3.    Add enough storage

How do you maximize space in an ADU?

Add storage! You can never go wrong with more storage, whether it means adding some kitchen cabinets or enlarging bedroom closets. At Kofler Design Build, we have a wide range of ideas for adding storage without taking up precious space in your ADU. Our Los Angeles home remodel team will work with you on this project in an efficient manner.

4.    Swap out old lighting

Revamping lighting by putting in modern and chic light fixtures is another way to make your rental ADU in Los Angeles stand out. There are thousands of ideas to choose from on the market, if you feel stumped, reach out to our design build Los Angeles office for some ideas or inspiration.

5.    Add energy-efficient appliances

How do you spruce up a rental kitchen?

If you are letting out your ADU fully furnished, consider swapping out old kitchen appliances for newer, energy-efficient units. It may seem like an expensive undertaking but the savings made on energy will be attractive to prospective tenants.

Let us help you upgrade your Los Angeles rental ADU

Los Angeles is a competitive city in the rental ADU space. To make yours stand out from the pack, follow these tips. Are you ready to make some significant changes to your rental ADU? Talk to Kofler Design Build. Our Los Angeles home remodel experts will be more than happy to give your ADU the facelift it needs.

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