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Whether it is a master bath, a kids’ bath, a guest bath, or a simple powder room, renovating a bathroom is one of the most popular upgrades to a home. At KDB we love bathroom renovations and the creative process they entail. There is so much to choose from in today’s market, from plumbing fixtures to tile designs, cabinetry to glass enclosures, and we know how to put it all together. Our motto at KDB is the “Five P’s” rule: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. With the help of our in-house interior designer and experienced construction crew, we know you will be proud of the end result. We invest the necessary amount of time in planning to ensure a spectacular final product. We have established strong relationships with the leading vendors in the market to help you with sourcing materials as well as saving you money! We will deliver a flawless bathroom in a timely fashion and on budget.

For most of us, the bathroom is a sanctuary, a refuge from the stress of the everyday world. No matter how you choose to lay it out or arrange it, your bathroom should be a reflection of you and your family, a place where you can destress and wind down after a long day at work or school. In some cases, small upgrades may be sufficient to bring about the change you are seeking, while in other cases, serious demolition and reconstruction may be just what is needed. Your bathroom is the one room besides your bedroom that you are going to step into every single day, so let us examine the most obvious perks of remodeling your bathroom space.

As with most remodeling projects, a bathroom renovation can add some major additional value to the resale on your home, with a return on investment at or near 80%. For most prospective buyers, the bathrooms rank near the top of the priority list, second only to kitchen or living areas, and home with newly remodeled bathrooms are proven to sell faster and for higher prices. Folks will examine the bathroom area in detail, checking thins like water pressure, ambient lighting, anything that might indicate leaks, so it is important to put the best foot possible forward. Even if you do not plan on selling your home now, the renovation will certainly be a plus for you when that day does arrive.

You can also use a bathroom revamp to maximize your storage space. Add additional counters or walk in closet units, shelving, or a storage tower. Your designer can work with you to make sure every available inch of space is used to your benefit. Poorly designed bathrooms practically invite clutter, so incorporating additional storage can be an invaluable part of the process.

You can also become energy efficient by adding green friendly features or fixtures to the bathroom such as low flow toilets and water saving showers, along with new light bulbs, all of which can contribute to bringing down that energy bill. About 10% of homeowners have done exactly this, and these homes contribute nearly $2 billion in savings every year.

One of the single most obvious benefits of a bathroom remodel is the opportunity to upgrade the overall look and atmosphere of the room. A bathroom from a home built in the 60s or 70s may have its charm, but it is going to look extremely dated when compared to current trends. Whether you go for a cutting-edge contemporary design or a traditional touch, you can use your remodeling project to breath new life into a stale or worn out design.

On a related note, the bathroom is also one of the first rooms in any home to begin to exhibit wear and tear associated with everyday life. The faucets begin to look out of date. What was a great color for the tile 40 years ago now just looks strange. A remodeling project, even a minimal one, allows you the opportunity to correct these problems and provide the bathroom of your dreams.

Do not be afraid to upgrade. More and more homeowners are choosing to incorporate modern technology and amenities into their bathroom areas. From unique lighting to jacuzzi tubs to flat screen TVs…even self-warming toilet seats are becoming popular! As with most remodeling scenarios, you are only limited by your imagination.

One of the favorite destinations for many folks is the spa. And over the last few years, the trend of creating a spa/bathroom combo has increased significantly. Install a soaker tub, or better yet, a jetted tub for unwinding after a long day. Perhaps a rain shower head, or a soaker tub with a nature view. This transforms your bathroom from a fully functional space to a relaxing, enjoyable oasis.

Some additional options for your bathroom remodel might include:

  • Low Flow, Hidden Tank Toilet: This design is not only energy efficient but can be a space saver in areas where freedom of movement is inhibited. They fit well in bot modern and traditional decors.
  • Textured Shower Tile: This is a safety measure as well as a decorative one since textured tiling helps prevent you from slipping and injuring your self in the shower. Ceramic and porcelain styles offer a nearly endless choice of colors and possibilities.
  • 2-Inch Plumbing: This is recommended to improve functionality and cut down on the likelihood of clogs and other plumbing problems.
  • The Tub: By installing a tub only if absolutely necessary, you can free up considerable space in your bathroom area. Consider installing a tub only if you make it a habit of taking a bath. For many folks, a shower is more than enough.
  • Shower Window: By installing a window in the shower, either appropriately placed or sufficiently glazed, you can help prevent the growth of mold or mildew that are always the by product of stale air and humidity. Make sure the area has adequate ventilation as well.

At Kofler Design Build, we are a family owned company with more than 15 years of experience in bathroom remodeling in the Los Angeles area. We pride ourselves on maintaining professional working relationships with trade professionals in every aspect of home construction, allowing us to offer you, our customer, the highest quality results coupled with top flight customer service and response.

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