ADUs – Accessory Dwelling Units

Architectural, design and construction services for fully equipped ADUs

Kofler Design Build is proud to offer design and construction services for Accessory dwelling Units (ADU), accessory apartment units commonly known as “granny flats”, a type of living space located on a family lot that is distinct from the main housing unit. ADUs are equipped with fully functioning kitchens, living space, a bedroom, and bathroom facilities

ADUs are offered in three basic options:

  • Detached ADU: This is a stand-alone structure separate and away from the main residence.
  • Attached ADU: These are built as additions to the main residence. 
  • Interior ADU: These are located within the main residence and most commonly consist of a converted attic or basement.

They are significantly smaller than the average American home, averaging around 800 square feet, and yet they are different than the “tiny houses” you so often see on TV. They are a separate unit and cannot be purchased independently of the main residence.

ADUs are often built as rental units, although they can be used for housing elderly parents, boomerang children or other family members. In some cases, the relationship between homeowner and ADU occupant may benefit from service exchange such as child care, on site maintenance, pet sitting, etc. Communities similarly benefit from the presence of ADUs as they contribute to land conservation and an increase in local, affordable housing. ADUs are often built to blend in with the surrounding community and can be hooked up to existing utilities, making them far less expensive constructs than a new home or apartment location.

ADUs are low impact, sustainable structures that require less in the way of resources than your average home. Their smaller size means that it is easier to keep them properly heated or cooled, which reduce not only your utility bills, but also those pesky carbon emissions.

Some ADUs can be built above existing garages, others as “bump out” units that are adjacent to the main house. Internal conversions are created by taking part of the main residence space and converting it into a self-sufficient facility. They have their own bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen facilities, and often include a private entrance separated from the primary residence.

With housing costs on the rise, ADUs are becoming attractive options for boomerang children (those who just finished college and want to keep a lid on debt while they begin their careers, so they move back home for a time). More and more folks are also taking care of elderly parents who wish to retain some measure of independence, and an ADU is the perfect option for these scenarios as well.

If you have friends or family who visit you often, an ADU is the perfect lodging arrangement, allowing privacy for both them and you during the stay and eliminating costly hotel bills.

Arrangements such as this serve to increase property values as well as allowing families to stay together and providing a quality retirement option. As a long-term investment for your family, between grown children and aging parents, you have options for alternate living options for them that do not require incurring a lot of debt early on or liquidating retirement assets. Because they are built on existing property, they create a secondary home that adds to the versatility of your existing property as well as providing a second revenue source that may have an effect on the retail price in the event you ever put it up for sale or pass it on to your next generation. With an average value increase of between 20 to 30%, they are a very worthwhile investment.

With more and more Americans working from home, ADUs are a perfect choice for a home office or home based business setup, as it helps to enhance productivity and allows you to remain focused without all the day to day distractions of actually working in your home. Many use ADUs as meeting places for clients, art studios, recording studios, and can be decorated with all the appeal of a corporate office, right in your own back yard. This eliminates commutes and time wasted in traffic, as well as the overhead of maintaining an office space. With the correct and proper planning, you can create a professional home business location that is appealing and productive.

Another benefit of ADUs is the skyrocketing housing costs, with a recent study concluding that the average costs of rent in the US has risen more than 20%. That is considerable. The current market is known for a limited inventory, increasing prices, and much less in the way of new construct. ADUs provide an efficient way to maximize the space you already have.

The current housing market makes the addition of an ADU an attractive option, as they can offer additional income, affordable rental options, and housing for loved ones. Our designers at KDB will work with you to determine your specific and unique needs and design an ADU unit that is perfect for you and your family.

At Kofler Design Build, we are a family owned company with more than 15 years of experience in new home construction in the Los Angeles area. We pride ourselves on maintaining professional working relationships with trade professionals in every aspect of home construction, allowing us to offer you, our customer, the highest quality results coupled with top flight customer service and response.

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