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Complimentary 3D design services for our clients

We offer our clients complimentary 3D kitchen and bathroom design to establish a clear vision for your project. 3D visualization is the perfect companion for intuitive and precise home design, and we leverage the latest 3D design tools and work with you to clearly communicate and exchange ideas visually. Our 3D design services will bring every aspect of your project to life and make it easy to share with other collaborators, from interior decorators to friends and family.

Okay, so you are ready to dive headfirst into your home renovation project, but you find that you cannot quite wrap your mind around everything that you are wanting to do. You find it difficult to visualize, and before committing, you as the property owner want to know what you can expect. Renovation costs money and is not something that you can just undo and do over if you do not like the result. This is why Kofler Design Build offers 3D interior design and visualization services.

Here is how it works. Our designers sit down with you to discuss your ideas and vision for your home remodeling project. The idea is to take your requirements and properly align them with our services. It also allows for some aspects to be either added or cut due to either logistics, budgetary constraints, or both. We can also provide recommendations and guidance to keep your vision on track and on budget.

Once the designs are agreed upon, we can then begin drafting them into a three-dimensional model, allowing you to see your proposed ideas quite literally come alive before you. By crafting such realistic imagery, you know almost immediately which ideas are going to work for you and which are not, all before a single wall is taken out or a single nail driven. Once the 3D design has been agreed upon by both parties, the project can go forward.

The advent of 3D interior design has changed the entire game for the renovation and remodeling industry. The client, you, now has far more creative control than was ever possible before, allowing you to drive the project with your creative vision at the fore. In the past, design firms would draw up a few options, and present them to you, with hopefully at least one or two bearing a resemblance to what you were looking for. 3D design makes it possible to start the whole process with what you wish to see, allowing the designers to provide a perfect virtual replica of the end result. Many clients find that being an active part of the creative process is an exhilarating and rewarding experience.

There are a number of benefits to utilizing 3D design:

  • Visualization: Two-dimensional floor plans almost never accurately represent what the final product will look like, and we have all been let down a time or two. A 3D interior design package allows you to properly examine the depth and scope of your project. 
  • We’re On The Same Page: The fact that both you and our designers are looking at the same thing, and benefiting from the greater clarity and detail, then you have the security of knowing that we are all on the same page throughout the process. Misunderstandings in interior design and remodeling can end up costing thousands of dollars to correct. It is much easier to make those changes in the digital arena rather than on your actual property.
  • You See All the Options: You have the option of literally hundreds of variations that can be examined before the final version is arrived at. You can see the finished rooms without paying the big bucks for the privilege, which is decidedly different from how this process was handled before. It was not uncommon for a client to get into a project only to discover changes that they would like to see, changes that are not always easy to make without reconstituting the procedure. A solid 3D design package eliminates this potential problem.
  • Time Saved: Whether it is colors, or textures, or finish, 3D interior design software allows you to see the end result without the time involved with obtaining swatches or paint samples, or testing out various shades before making a final paint purchase. Every option is available at your fingertips. The result is a much shorter time frame for your renovation project to be completed.
  • Checking the Legal Boxes: Every state and city have their own codes, regulations, and other guidelines for home building and renovation. Our 3D design package already has those incorporated, which means that your design is compliant at every step in the process.
  • Understanding the Nuts and Bolts: Most of us look at the outward benefits of a 3D design package, but this method also allows for homeowners to better understand the technical aspects of the construction. While this is not mandated, many buyers find that it adds to the enjoyment and better understanding of their project.
  • Offering A Better Overall View: A 3D design provides you with a complete picture of what your home is going to look like when the project is finished, allowing you to see how well it integrates into the rest of the home. You can then see just how well the new design is going too incorporate into the existing structure and determine if any additional changes need to be made.

The 3D design package offered by KDB allows for the creation and modification of propped designs which allow you, our client, to effectively visualize the space and overall project in such a way that is accurate and realistic. With visualization technology and state of the art rendering programs, we can provide cost effective solutions and draft the plans for your project in a timely and efficient manner. All of which prevent reworks that cost money and design flaws that can ground the entire procedure to a halt.​

At Kofler Design Build, we are a family owned company with more than 15 years of experience in home remodeling and 3D design service in the Los Angeles area. We pride ourselves on maintaining professional working relationships with trade professionals in every aspect of home construction, allowing us to offer you, our customer, the highest quality results coupled with top flight customer service and response.

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