1. What is design build?
This is a property development process/methodology where one party or entity handles both the design and the build of a project. You don’t have to hire separate parties for the design and the build. With a design build Los Angeles company, one does the job of two.

2. Is design build more expensive?
No, design build is not more expensive than traditional design-then-build. If anything, using a design build LA service will cost you marginally less in the end – not to mention other benefits. It will cost you less due to economies of scale, better project supervision and coordination, as well as fewer planning mistakes.

3. What are the advantages of design build?
If you work with an LA design build company you can look forward to benefits such as faster project planning, faster project actualization, lower overall project fees, better coordination and supervision, as well as better productivity and cohesion within the project development team.

4. What is the difference between design build and construction management?
With an LA design build you have a design company, a build company, or both together spearheading the project. With a construction management you have to hire a third part to coordinate the activities of the design and build teams.

5. Do all Los Angeles developers apply the design build process?
No, not all do. If anything, Los Angeles design build companies are fewer than traditional build companies. To be sure, ask the company you are about to hire if they apply the design build methodology. Or just ask about their process when it comes to development.

6. Is design build a new process?
Yes, design build is a relatively new process. In the past, the government would not permit a single entity to handle both the design/planning and the construction processes. There had to be legal separation and an entity could not have licenses for both. Today that is no longer the case.

7. What is the difference between design and build?
A design build firm combines the design and build phases of construction. Design entails planning and coming up with the blueprints for the build. This is where architects come in. The build process entails physically putting the structure together and this is mostly handled by engineers and builders/contractors.

8. What is a traditional build?
In regards to design build, a traditional build is one where the design and build aspects of the development are still separate and being handled by distinct parties. Unlike a design build firm, a traditional build takes longer, has more risks, and quality may be compromised by the separation of processes.

9. Does design build construction save time?
Yes, a design build does save time. Hiring a design build contractor will save you time right from the beginning when you’re evaluating what you want to build, through construction, and all the way to end of the process when the building is complete. This is possible because decisions are made faster and in-house without any bureaucracy.

10. Are design build projects of better quality?
Hiring a design build contractor does not guarantee better quality. However, it is true that design build promotes better quality results. When both the design and build teams are on the same page, better ideas are generated, mistakes are spotted much easily, and the designs are followed more strictly.

11. How do I find a design build company in Los Angeles?
There are a number of design build companies in LA. Kofler Design Build is in fact one of the leading design build Los Angeles contractors so you are already on the right page. If you need to look and compare other companies you can search online or ask for recommendations from your social networks.

12. Are ADUs legal in California/Los Angeles?
Yes, ADUs are legal. However, they do to follow set build regulations for them to be regarded as legal ADU Los Angeles. Have your design build firm present you with applicable designs and have them taken to the local government for approval.

13. Is it worth it to build an ADU?
For the right reasons, yes. An ADU is a great way to expand your home, host more people, and even increase your income. An ADU in Los Angeles could bring you thousands of dollars each year. It could also help you host family and friends without straining the capacity of your original property.

14. How do I choose a design build company?
For the most part look for the same qualities you would want from a designer or builder. Look for general experience in construction, specialized experience in similar projects, licensing, insurance, and reputation. You can also ask for customers referrals.

15. Which is better, a designer-led or a builder-led design build?
A design build entity can be led by a designer (architect) or a builder (engineer/contractor). Neither is automatically better than the other. But there are projects that are more dependent on design and would therefore benefit from the former. And there are those that are more dependent on the build process so they would benefit more from a builder-led entity.

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