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11 October 2021
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Thinking About Building In LA? Here’s Why You Should

Building in Los Angeles is not easy. It is expensive and there are some big challenges you might encounter along the way. But building is a matter of vision – seeing the end result and not the obstacles. Building a home in LA, the second largest city in the US, comes with its badges of honor. If you need a little encouragement to build in LA then we have just what you need.

Architectural Flexibility

Los Angeles, and California by extension, has a long and rich cultural heritage going back hundreds of years. At present, Los Angeles is one of the most liberal and diverse metropolitan areas in the world. And all this is reflected in its architecture of course. When you build in LA, therefore, you have a blank page to work with. Your designs do not have to follow certain fashion. You can build anything from a Spanish Villa to a futuristic smart home. Nothing is out of bounds. This means you can truly build the house of your dreams with barely any cultural limitations.

Great rental income prospects

Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in the US today. Sure, rental prices and buying costs are through the roof. But the city is full of life and the population still soars. And with most people not able to buy a home, they have to rent. This means if you can build in LA, you stand a unique and exciting chance to earn big via high rental incomes. And with los ADU’s becoming increasingly common in the city, that provides an additional angle for you to open up another source of income.

Thinking About Building In LA? Here’s Why You Should

Amazing resale value and return on investment

When homes sell in Los Angeles, they never sell down – only upwards. The trajectory for housing prices in the metro are slated to keep going up thanks to demand and a ballooning population. So although you might not be building with any intention to sell, it is a comforting notion, nevertheless, to know that you will always recoup all your costs and make some money should you ever decide to sell down the line. With high demand and higher property prices, building in LA promises huge returns on investment.

Prestige and Bragging rights

If you can build a home in Los Angeles despite huge challenges such as unavailability of vacant lots, huge building costs, and delayed permit approvals, then you deserve more than just a pat on the back. You deserve bragging rights for being able to attain what most are not able to. You also get the prestige of calling Los Angeles and Hollywood your home. And not just via buying – but by building from the ground up!

Kofler Design Build is one of the leading design build Los Angeles companies. If you have ambitions to build in Los Angeles, we can handle all or any aspect of the construction for you, from design to building approvals and construction. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

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