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11 October 2021
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Planning Your Los Angeles Home Remodeling Project

Despite being an expensive undertaking, a home remodel is an exciting project that does a lot of good to your property and your enjoyment of it. But it can be a serious undertaking. The best approach is to find a good Los Angeles home remodeling contractor and have them tackle everything from consultation to project management. That way you don’t have to stress about all the details.

Let’s take a look at what planning a home remodel entails, what it might cost you in Los Angeles, how to prepare yourself, and more.

Does your Los Angeles home need remodeling?

First, you need to evaluate whether you need a home remodel. But if you are already looking into it (as you already are), chances are that you need one.

Some good reasons to invest in a home remodel include:

  • Repairing and upgrading structures, fixtures, and appliances.
  • Refreshing and updating the aesthetics.
  • Adding more space.
  • Preparing a home for sale.

If one or more of the above reasons are on your list then you have a strong case to remodel your property.

Is it worth it to remodel an old house?

As we mentioned at the beginning, remodeling a house will cost you. Remodeling an old house will cost you even more. Of course, there is something like being too old where a property is too dilapidated to be brought back. However, we doubt that the property you have is in such a state. In most cases, it is older houses that get remodeled. And it is very much worth it. You can really turn around the state of the property and pump its value through the roof.

Benefits of remodeling your LA home

What are the benefits of renovating a house?

  • We have already touched on this a bit. The benefits include:
  • Increase the living space of the property through extensions and ADUs.
  • Improve your quality of living in terms of comfort, style, and ambience.
  • Add to the function and utility of the spaces so that you get more from your house.
  • Increase the property value.

Is remodeling your home a good investment?

In most cases it is. A strong reason for this is that you get an instant return on your investment in terms of the property value increase. But beyond that, because not every Los Angeles home remodel is geared at selling, you get great returns just by living in the improved property. You enjoy a safer dwelling, more space, more light, better indoor air, more comfort, and so much more.

What adds most value to a house?

Areas that bolster curb appeal on a property add lots of value to it. That includes a new lawn, a new garage door, exterior paint, and new roofing. Inside the house, paint, lighting, flooring, kitchen cabinets, and kitchen counter space are some of the areas with the highest returns.

Finding a Los Angeles home remodel contractor

Everyone knows that a contractor can either make or break your project. So finding a good remodeler is paramount. You can choose to hire a designer and a contractor separately or you can work with a design Build Los Angeles firm that combines the two like we do here at Kofler.

How do I find a good general contractor?

One timeless option is to ask friends, families, and colleagues for recommendations of great contractors they have worked with before.

If you don’t have such a network, try using the internet. Search “Los Angeles home remodeling contractor” and evaluate the companies that you come across. Make sure to look up their customer reviews to see if they are rated well.

After checking out various contractors, make phone calls to each, ask for quotes, then request in-home evaluations where you can also discuss the work to be done. Needless to say, the companies you consider should be licensed, insured, bonded, experienced, have good ratings, and should offer good customer care services.

How much does remodeling a home in Los Angeles cost?

No property and no home remodel is identical to the next. Each is unique unto itself. The size of the property and the work you want done are what will dictate the budget.

On average, a home remodel in Los Angeles will cost about $100 to $300 per square foot (PSF). With that in mind, remodeling a studio apartment can cost about $50,000. Remodeling a 1 or 2 bedroomed house can cost about $100,000 or more. Remodeling a family-sized house with 4 bedrooms or more will cost $200, 000 and above – on average.

We recommend asking for evaluated estimates from several contractors to get a better idea of the budget you need.

Common mistakes to avoid when remodeling your home

What do I need to know before remodeling? With the amount of money you are going to end up investing in your home remodel, it is important that you avoid mistakes that can be, well – avoided.

Such mistakes include:

  • Not looking into planning permissions in your municipality.
  • Not putting aside some money for contingencies.
  • Not consulting the designer about architectural details.
  • Hiring a poor remodeling contractor.
  • Cutting corners with the budget.
  • Poor and insufficient communication with the contractor and designers.
  • Not integrating your build with the environment around it.

How do I protect myself when hiring a contractor?

1. Agree on all the details of the project.

2. Have a contract drawn up and signed by you and the contractor.

3. Make sure the contractor is licensed, insured, bonded, and has good ratings.

Planning Your Los Angeles Home Remodeling Project

How to plan a home remodel

A home remodel is a large project. Do you know how to organize it so that everything flows and falls into place? Here is a rough plan to get you started:

1. Evaluate which areas need work in terms of priority.

2. Have an idea of what you want in terms of color, furniture, style, and function.

3. Start looking at Los Angeles home remodeling companies and shortlist a few contenders.

4. Get the Los Angeles home-remodeling firms to come evaluate the work that needs to be done and provide you with estimates.

5. Put together a budget and source financing for it.

6. Identify which contractor to work with and prepare a contract with them.

7. Provide guidance when the remodel is going on and liaise with the contractor adequately.

8. Inspect the remodel after completion and if there are any areas you’d like touched up discuss it with the contractor.

9. Enjoy your remodeled property!

Kofler Design Build Los Angeles is an expert Los Angeles home remodeling firm with over 15 years in the industry. Talk to us about your project and let us elevate your home to the level you desire.

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