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11 October 2021
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Working on a Los Angeles Bathroom Remodel? Here Are the Changes You Should Give Priority

Are you on the brink of a bathroom remodel? Do you know what areas of your bathroom you should fix first? Check out some of the changes that will bring about the most impact to your bathroom during a design build remodel.

Enlarging the space

A tiny bathroom is no fun at all. On the other end of the spectrum, a large spacious bathroom is indicative of luxury and all the modern qualities that bathrooms are going for nowadays. If you can make your bathroom space bigger, you can make it more functional (especially for two) and more fun to use. With a larger bathroom you can also have double vanities (his and hers), as well as a large tub or a bigger shower enclosure. And who wouldn’t want that?

Adding a shower enclosure

Does your bathroom’s shower area have an enclosure or a door? Many bathrooms are completed without actually enclosing the shower area. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tub, showerhead, or a tub & shower combo, an enclosure adds serious practicality, including privacy. A frosted glass door will do okay. However, if you want a really classy look, go for frameless glass panels. These will take your bathroom to the next level for sure.

Working on a Los Angeles Bathroom Remodel? Here Are the Changes You Should Give Priority

Tiling the walls and floor

Tiles take a serious beating in bathrooms over the years. They get stained. And the grouting wears off too, allowing water to seep through and cause rot underneath.

Here’s here you have to replace your bathroom tiling:

  • New tiles add serious structural value to your bathroom.
  • Tiles take up the most visual space in a bathroom so changing them gives the space a whole new look.
  • New tiling reinforces the waterproofing of the floors and walls thereby boosting your bathroom’s longevity.

Tip: Go for something that looks good but is still easy to keep clean.

Improving the lighting

Everyone needs good lighting in a bathroom. You can go for white light or warm light. The latter works better and casts a warm, rich glow, reminiscent of high-end hotels. Having bright walls and floors also helps to bounce the light about and amplify it. And if you can, replace that tiny bathroom window with a much larger one. A larger window not only lets in more light, it also makes it easier to ventilate the space and allow fresh air in.

Refreshing vanities and faucets

Have you thought about replacing your bathroom vanity? Vanities also take quite a beating in a bathroom, just like the tiles. They are used often and with time they tend to get stained and scratched up. New vanities are not just a way to make a splash; they actually improve your daily bathroom experience. Throw in a new set of mirrors and you have a whole new look.

Talk to KDB for the best bathroom design Los Angeles services. We are design and build specialists and bathroom remodels are one of our main areas of expertise. We can also remodel your kitchen or entire house!

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