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11 October 2021
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Small Upgrades You Can Add To Your Bathroom For Big Effects

It’s easy for bathrooms to wear out very easily due to the high amount of use they experience day in day out. So even if you just remodeled your bathroom two years ago, you might find that you need to refresh it again this year. And sometimes, all you need is to make small changes that will deliver big results. Such small design and build changes are great when you do not want to change up the basics such as paint and lighting but instead want to elevate your space without going all out. Check out some ideas we have prepared for you below to achieve just that.

Bigger windows

Good lighting is very important especially for bathrooms. For a space that needs to look clean, and airy, small windows are a big no. Does your bathroom have enough window space? Enlarging your windows has huge and instant effects to the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom. For one, you get amazing views especially if your window is next to a luxury soak tub. The natural light that bathes your bathroom is another great plus that saves you on lighting costs and further accentuates your space while making it bigger. Larger windows also mean more fresh air and less chance of mold in your bathroom.

Glass shower enclosures

There are many modern bathrooms out there with shower areas that do not have any enclosures to them. They are open. An amazing upgrade for such a bathroom would be to install glass enclosures. These have a huge impact once put in place. The clear glass does not make your space boxed in because of the illusion of continuity. Instead, you get a very practical solution that keeps water from spilling out and therefore reduces how much cleaning up you need to do thereafter. And with frosted glass you can add a bit of privacy to your shower area as well. For a truly special touch, go for frameless shower glass.

Small Upgrades You Can Add To Your Bathroom For Big Effects

Heated floors

Heated floors are not a new thing. They have been around for quite a while. And while heated floors may not jump out at you once you get into your bathroom, you get to appreciate their convenience anytime you’re in there. Think about your feet stepping on warm floors during cold winter nights or early mornings. It is an absolute delight, especially if you’ve just stepped out of the shower or tub. It’s a small touch but it adds lots of value every single day.

Modern shower head

If there is one thing that you cannot fail to notice and appreciate in a bathroom it’s a showerhead. But ironically a showerhead, one of the most important ingredients for a great shower, often goes unnoticed. Don’t make the same mistake. Invest in a modern shower head upgrade. Shower heads have come a long way. You can take your morning baths to the next level with a large, contemporary, high water pressure stainless steel shower head. In fact, this is the one upgrade you should start with.

Kofler Design Build has great ideas when it comes to bathroom design Los Angeles. If you are stuck wondering how to revamp your bathroom all you need do is talk to us. We can walk you through amazing touches that will offer value for your money and make your bathrooms a truly wonderful place.

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