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15 May 2022
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7 Ideas On How To Turn Your Dull Bathroom Alive

Bathrooms are almost always the first rooms to update when your home needs a remodel. Sometimes, bathrooms in our homes tend to become dull over time. This could be due to changing trends, or the fact that you live in an old-fashioned house. You may find that some aspects of your bathroom will start to look dull no matter how hard you try to maintain your space.

Bathrooms are usually a retreat for many people. It is probably the only space in your home where you can get enjoy some uninterrupted alone time. For this reason, Kofler Design Build takes bathroom remodels very seriously. Our Los Angeles bathroom remodeling team has the latest ideas to turn a dull bathroom bright again.

How do you brighten a dull bathroom? This is a question that many of our design build Los Angeles customers field when we have an initial consultation. There are many ways to do this, but we picked 7 of the easiest and probably most affordable ways to breathe some life into your dull bathroom.

1.    Change the tiles

One of the most impactful ways of revamping a dull bathroom is by changing the floor and wall tiles. Your bathroom floor has probably seen better days, and the tiles could be peeling off or have stains. Our design build Los Angeles office has overseen many bathroom floors and wall tiles replacements successfully. Choose tiles that are within your budget, are easy to clean, and can withstand exposure to moisture. Bright tiles are also great, but remember to keep these within the theme of your bathroom remodel to keep things uniform.

2.    Upgrade your cabinetry

Upgrading the cabinetry in your bathroom can be as easy and affordable as using store-bought cabinets or as bespoke as designing cabinetry of your choice. It all depends on your budget. By upgrading your cabinetry, you will not only brighten your dull bathroom but will also add some much-needed storage space.

Consider hanging shelves for a modern look, or wrought iron shelves for a timeless aesthetic. Whatever the choice of cabinetry you settle on, our Los Angeles bathroom remodeling team will work with you to make it all a reality.

3.    Change up your lighting

How do you brighten a bathroom? Change up your bathroom lighting! How do you soften a bathroom? Change up the lighting and light fixtures in your bathroom. Our design build Los Angeles team has lots of experience installing all kinds of light fixtures thanks to the numerous bathroom remodels that we undertake. For that soft glow in your bathroom, use modern LED bulbs which emit a warm glow as opposed to the harsh bright light of regular bulbs. A sleek and elegant pendant light over your mirrors will also lend to the charm of your Los Angeles bathroom.

4.    Fix the shower curtain

How can I update my old bathroom without remodeling it? One way to add some life to a dull bathroom without necessarily carrying out a full remodel is by putting in a newer, better shower curtain. If you don’t already have one, shower curtains add character and help to partition your bathroom affordably. They also help to hide an older shower stall that you may not be ready to replace just yet.

Shower curtains come in different fabrics, colors, and designs. Invest in a fabric that will lend to the new décor of your updated bathroom. The prints also matter, pick a print that complements your new color scheme. You will see and feel the difference in your bathroom instantly when you fix this new addition.

5.    Include a glam factor

A focal point or “glam factor” in your Los Angeles bathroom remodeling project need not be expensive. This could be anything from quirky posters to a statement art piece. You can also include a reclaimed wood wall; something that our design build Los Angeles contractors can do exceptionally well.

If you are on a budget, a floor mat made of durable yet eye-catching material such as teak is a good option. A glam factor can also include ornamental plants, candles, and potpourri on your vanity surfaces.

6.    Change your backsplash

A backsplash is a tiled wall behind any sinks or wet areas in your bathroom or kitchen. Changing your backsplash is a budget-friendly revamp for a dull bathroom. And there are many options to choose from. You can easily change your backsplash by investing in an affordable, peel-and-stick backsplash. Peel and stick backsplashes can be easily removed by applying the heat from a blow-drier. So if you are living in a rental, this is a superb bathroom update idea.

7.    Invest in a glass cubicle for your shower

One of the most requested bathroom remodels that we get at our design build Los Angeles offices is the addition of a glass cubicle. Glass cubicles add a touch of class and also give an illusion of more space in a bathroom. You could also choose to get rid of an old, dated plastic bathtub and replace it with an elegant, shiny, glass cubicle.

While this may not be the cheapest option to add life to a dull bathroom, it is worth every cent. Besides, there are many shower cubicle options for you to choose from depending on your budget. Do not be afraid to spend a little extra to turn your bathroom into that retreat you’re looking for.

Talk to us about your Los Angeles bathroom remodeling project

The most obvious benefit that a bathroom upgrade will bring you is to make a dull bathroom bright again. How do you revamp an old bathroom on a budget? Simply call our design build Los Angeles team for a consultation. We offer affordable services to fit any kind of budget.

Our Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractors specialize in bathroom remodels for all budgets and sizes. We take into consideration all your desires and work closely with you to remodel your bathroom to your specification. Contact us today to get started on your bathroom revamp.

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