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11 October 2021
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Interesting Reasons That Will Get You Excited To Build An ADU

If you own your property in Los Angeles and have some outdoor space, the idea of an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) must be something that has crossed your mind. Is building an ADU worth it? Kofler Design Build is an ADU design Los Angeles expert. And as such, we have come across various ADU concepts that are fit to make any homeowner exited at the prospect of building one. Check them out below and tell us what you think.

ADU Guest House

When most homeowners buy or build a property today, there is hardly any room for guests. Most of the bedrooms are often occupied by the children. So how about an ADU that will function primarily as a guest house? This way your guests can visit more often, stay longer, and you still get to enjoy your private space as is while they get their fully furnished independent space just a few meters away. This would be perfect for parents, your grown kids, or friends and other family.

What is the difference between an ADU and a guest house? An ADU is fully furnished with a kitchen and living area while most guest houses are not.

Interesting Reasons That Will Get You Excited To Build An ADU

ADU Home Office

Have you ever thought about working from home? Do you wish you could but don’t have an ideal space with the privacy, quiet, and space that you need? Well, an ADU home office would fix all that. You would get some separation from the house and you could design the space to work as an effective office. Such a home office would scrap your daily commute and give you the freedom to work whenever inspiration strikes you – day or night! This would be perfect for most professions be it writing, music, architecture, research work, IT, blogging, gaming, podcast broadcast, design, etc.

ADU DIY studio

Many people are into DIY (do it yourself) crafts these days. Have you ever thought about creating interesting projects at home by yourself? With an ADU space you could create a small space where you could unleash your creativity and explore amazing DIY projects week after week.

Some of the DIY projects you could get into include:

Ø Wood joinery

Ø Wood turning

Ø Metal fabrication

Ø Painting

Ø Pottery

Ø Car restoration


ADU Man Cave

They say that because the woman of the house controls most of the house, men need their man cave – a special place just for them. With an ADU man cave you get such a space that is away from the main house, fully equipped with a living area and a toilet/bath. You can unwind here or host your buddies as you watch football, drink beers, chat, play video games, etc. An ADU man cave offers way more privacy than a normal in-house man cave. And if you have no more room in your house, and ADU gives you an alternative.

ADU Rental Unit(s)

Is an ADU a good investment? We think they are; especially when you build a unit to rent out and earn extra income. That ADU could be your retirement investment! And in Los Angeles you can bet that you will get a good rental income as well as interesting people to call neighbors.

Can I build a guest house on my property in California? Yes you can. And Kofler design and build can help you make that a reality. Call us today and let’s discuss your ADU!

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