A Quick Look At What The Process of Constructing A new Home in LA Looks Like

Are you planning to build a new home in Los Angeles? Do you understand the process of constructing a new home if you live in LA? Well, have no fear because Kofler Design Build is a firm that deals with new construction Los Angeles projects.

We understand the processes involved in constructing a new home, the permits required and all the other fine print details that a homeowner may not know about. Let’s quickly run through these processes to get you started on your new home construction journey.


What are the steps to build the house?

First, it is important to have a budget. Creating a budget will give you a clear picture of how much money your construction process will cost.

Is a budget final?

Not at all. Budgets are prone to change depending on the fluctuating costs of building materials, labor costs, and so on. However, when you work with our design build firms Los Angeles , your budget will be as accurate as possible.

Settling on a location

Los Angeles provides a wide array of neighborhoods to settle in. Do you want to live by the beach? Or do you prefer the suburbs?

Whatever your choice, remember to consider these factors:

  • How close are social amenities such as schools, public transportation, parks, and grocery stores?
  • What is the gradient of the land?
  • What are the building requirements, permits, and restrictions?

All these factors should guide you to make a good choice that will be favorable for you and that will fit into your budget.

Choosing a build design

Now, this is probably the most exciting part during the early stages of constructing a new house – putting your dream home design on paper. You can choose to come up with your unique floor plans and designs or modify an existing plan at Kofler Design build Los Angeles. We have thousands of plans that we have used to construct homes all over LA.

Is your family growing? Do you have plans of starting a family?

Consider your current and future plans before settling on a final floor plan and design.

Building permits required in Los Angeles

Getting all the right permits is the unexciting (yet very necessary) part of the construction process. Each town, county, and city in Los Angeles has varying requirements for home construction permits. Getting these permits can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of months. When you work with a professional design build Los Angeles firm like Kofler Design build, we will make this process both seamless and smooth for you.

Constructing your new home

Once your paperwork is in order, you are now ready to get started on the actual construction of your home. There are various stages in the actual construction that Kofler Design Build LA, will explain to you clearly should you choose to use our services.

Let Us Construct Your New Home in Los Angeles

Building a new home in LA is an exciting process. Kofler Design Build will handle your entire project and ensure that every stage of the construction process is handled professionally. We inspect every stage to ensure that it is finished to high standards before moving on to the next one. Call us today to learn more about partnering with us on your dream home build.

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